• 07.01.2019

    2019 and Jean-Marc: good combo

    Ta da! The first newcomer of 2019, Jean-Marc Wachsmann, is here! After five years at Air, he switched to Leo Burnett to work as a concept provider/copy with Fred Van Hoof. He previously worked at Famous, and for quite a long time at Publicis and DuvalGuillaume, so the PublicisOne boat should be kind of familiar to him. Why Leo? Because of the team, the energy and the strong will to do great stuff. Let’s do this!

  • 01.01.2019

    Fred polishes his glasses

    After freelancing since September at Leo, Fred Van Hoof decided to join the forces as a full timer. He shouldn't be a stranger to the Belgian advertising world, but even outside of our little country since he likes to (city-)trip around the world. As a full bred art director, we're looking forward pushing his work out there. Welcome Fred!

  • 10.12.2018

    Charles-Elie loves Leo

    After 2 years in the monastery - FamousGrey -, Charles-Elie Chauvaux finds his place at Leo Burnett where he will do what he is good at, a bit of everything, but especially copy FR. "There is a new wind blowing for Leo. I fell for the energy of Sophie and the blue eyes of Francis. This agency has many beautiful customers and the desire to make something out of it. A real challenge ". Charles-Elie is not entirely on unknown territory, he already worked on the other side of the building at Publicis.

  • 14.11.2018

    Let’s Margaux Go Go!

    Margaux Mariens joins the Leo Burnett team as Account Manager. Margaux will work on clients as Samsung, Puratos, Coca-Cola and TV-Vlaanderen. Before joining Leo Burnett, Margaux worked at DDB Brussels and Ogilvy Social.Lab.

  • 05.11.2018

    Renaud puts his money where his mouth is

    It's with a lot of pleasure we welcome Renaud Goossens to the agency. Renaud comes from DDB, and has a strong digital background. He'll take on the client lead on Belfius and will help out on projects wherever he can.

  • 07.08.2017

    It’s getting hot in here!

    Proud to welcome Informazout to our client-family. We'll be responsible for the yearly campaigns. Also the fun extra stuff that makes people aware of the original combinations you can make with heating oil. And of course, its state-of-the-art burners!